About the conference

From “nationalist” parties in Britain and France to veiled anti-Semitic conspiricism by the American ideologue, Lyndon LaRouche, the recourse to language as a political veil, rather than a transparent means of communication, has been a key feature of radical right-wing movements since 1945.

Thus for the first time, an international symposium is to consider the rhetoric of far right publicism in the contemporary United States and Europe.  Leading scholars of fascism and neo-fascism shall explore comparative approaches and major case studies in order to peel back the use of semantically-coded prejudice, euphemism and deliberately misleading terminology frequently deployed by such groups. 

As this academic forum will show, this longstanding, anti-democratic agenda undertakes a “Trojan horse” approach to liberalism’s institutions, marshalling the language of inclusion and equality to mask the extremist views frequently underpinning far right movements today.

This daylong event promises to uncover salient techniques and relevant practices for the benefit of contemporary researchers, policy-makers and the wider public.